Prep Machine EP200

The Euro Cuisine 5 in 1 Rechargeable Prep Machine comes with peeler, frother, whisk, brush, and soup blender attachments. The Prep Machine with the Peeler attachment is ideal for peeling carrots, potatoes, and zucchini. Perfect for scaling fish without any mess and its exclusive protection keeps peels/ scales inside. The Frother Attachment is perfect for making milk froth, and is ideal for making milkshakes. The Whisk Attachment is to beat whole eggs, frosting, light mixtures, and great for smooth batters. The Brush Attachment is excellent for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Soup Blender Attachment is ideal for mixing liquids and soups. The machine is waterproof, and can be used under water.

The Peeler Attachment is:
Ideal for peeling carrots, potatoes, Zucchini
Perfect for Scaling Fish without any mess
Its exclusive protection keeps peels/ scales inside

The Frother Attachment is:
Perfect for making milk froth
Ideal for making milkshakes

The Whisk Attachment is:
To cream butter and sugar or mix eggs into batter
To beat whole eggs, frosting, and light mixtures
Great for smooth batters
To whip fluffy mixtures, whipped cream and egg whites

The Brush Attachment:
Excellent for cleaning fruits and vegetables

Soup Blender Attachment:
Ideal for mixing liquids and soups

Waterproof, you can use it under the water Easy to Clean Rechargeable battery comes with the adaptor to recharge the unit.

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